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Cables specified herein are suitable for conducting direct current in aggressive environments exposed to acid, alkali, chlorine and bacteria attacks.


All cables are single core stranded annealed copper cables, suitable for DC use and double insulated / sheathed and Armoured to withstand the prevailing chemical and mechanical (soil) conditions.


All cables supplied are in 600/1000V grade.


The following are cables that we supply:


Cable Sheath Abbreviations and General Description


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

is available in many compound forms but those for cable making are plasticised to permit extrusion techniques and subsequent flexibility.


PE (Polyrthylene)

is available in various forms, the most widely used description being "low and high" density, with additional designations to denote the Melt Flow Index (M.F.I).


XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene)








Cross linked polyethylene is a compound form of PE which enhances the mechanical stability. Most cathodic protection cables from size 10mm and above uses this type of sheath.


PVF (Polyethylene Fluoride a.k.a Kynar)

is a high performance, mechanically strong fluorocarbon, having excellent chemical resistance and are thus ideal for deep groundbeds and feederes to underwater anodes. Especially recommended in Chlorine environment.



an alternative to PVF with high chlorine resistance and with a particular application for deep groundbeds.


HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyehyltne)

High molecular wight polyethylene compound provides strong resistance to abrasion, crushing, chemicals, oil, moisture, and other elements.


EPR (Ehtylene Propylene Rubber)

is the most widely used synthetic rubber in the field of electric cable manufacture. It is thermally set by vulcanisation and is an excellent flexible dielectric.


CSP (Chlorosulphonated Polythene/ Hypalon)

is also a vulcanised synthetic rubber and is used as a mechanical covering (sheathing or jacket) to cable insulated with EP rubber.


Ordering Procedure Example


Item Example

Length Quantity 100m

Wire Size 10mm2

Cable Sheath Type


Note : Armoured Type cable is available upon request.