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KARATEC, our certified cathodic protection engineer provides a solution toward corrosion by employing sacrificial anode system or impressed current system on the steel structures. Also auditing and maintaining the existing cathodic protection system. Cathodic protection can be applied on burried, immersed, submerged steel structrues such as pipeline, tanks, jetty piles etc.

Our Scope of Works: -
• Site survey and soil resistivity measurement.
• Engineering design and Calculation
• Engineering Drawing
• Installation and supervision
• Testing and commissioning
• Existing cathodic protection audit and maintenance

Soil Resistivity Measurement

Installation of sacrificial anode and Anode ground bed for impressed current system

Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection System for Offshore Jetty Structures

Cathodic Protection System for Submarine Pipelines

Cathodic Protection System for Oil Refineries and Cathodic Protection System for Aviation Fuel Hydrant Lines

Cathodic Protection System Auditing and Cathodic Protection System for Mounded Bullet Vessel

Underwater Aluminium Anode Installation