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Karatec Resources Sdn. Bhd.

KARATEC comes from the word "KARAT" and "TECHNOLOGY". "KARAT"is from 'Malays' Word, which means Rust or Corrosion while "TECHNOLOGY" means a system and expertise.

KARATEC RESOUCES Sdn. Bhd . was incorporated in Malaysia since year 2000 and 100% Malaysian owned company. The company is formed by a team of well experienced professional engineers and corrosion specialists to provide unrivalled corrosion protection technology especially in Sacrificial Anode And Impressed Current Cathodic Protection For Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Marine and Water Industries etc.

Our Valueable Clients

Offshore Structures

- Submerged and buried steel work of the jacket of an offshore platform
- The columns or legs of jack up drilling rigs.
- Wharfs or jetty steel piles
- Submarine pipeline

Onshore Structures

- Underground pipelines.
- Buried tank.
- External surface of tank bottoms.
- Tank Internal Surface.

Refineries, Industrial and Power Plant

- Heat Exchangers
- Industrial Plant
- Water Cooling Equipment
- Chilled Water Pipeline
- Culvert Inner Surface