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CAD / THERMIT welding connection is the accepted method of attaching cathodic protection leads to pipes (Steel or Cast Iron), tanks, and structures.

CAD / THERMIT welding connections is a function weld of the conductor to the surface. Therefore, no galvanic corrosion can occur at the interface. (With mechanical connections, surface contacts are present and can corrode resulting in a less effective current path).

CAD / THERMIT welding connections for cathodic protection uses a special alloy to provide minimum heat effect on steel, especially important on thin wall, high stress pipes.

CAD / THERMIT welding connections are also used for header cable taps, conductor splices and terminations and ground rod connections.


- Has current carrying capacity equal to that of a conductor
- Is permanent - cannot loosen or corrode to cause a high resistance connection
- Uses lightweight, inexpensive equipment
- Requires no external source of power or heat
- Requires no special skills
- Can be easily checked for quality