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Hexlogger is a Data Logger GPS Survey Instrument for CIPS and DCVG survey to determine the effectiveness of cathodic proctection system and coating integrity.




Hexlogger Model "HEX-4000", is a new GPS equipped

Coating pipeline survey equipment that is able to

perform CIPS (close interval pipeline survey), DCVG

(direct current voltage gradient), and DCVG+CIPS

combined pipeline integrity survey. It has the ability to

record instant ON and OFF pipeline potential with

distance, GPS coordinates and time.


By using EP-TECH computer software and clicking a

button, the operator can Graph the survey data

information and find out the critical cathodic protection level of the pipelines.


Beside its logging features, it is powerful and an accurate equipment for detecting and tracking the escaping currents of pipelines by using its bar graph display option in DCVG mode.














Hexlogger can display the results of the CIPS survey in graphical form on the LCD screen allowing the operator to view the data as the survey proceeds. Hexlogger can record distance in feet or meters. Pipeline starting survey distance can be entered from the keyboard.